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Sep. 21st, 2005 @ 08:28 am Matthew FOx on Oprah
feeling: not wanting to go to school
listening to: goldfinger
One of my teachers was at the juice bar on Friday, (you know the one where bascially all the Lost stars go to). Well yeah she said that Matthew Fox is going to be on one of Oprah's segments about like stars and their favorite places. Well that juice bar, the one Feliz and I go to and we see like Dom and Evey them all the time..yeah that;s the one. So now you guys will finally see what the juice bar looks like!!! YAY!!

oh and Matthew Fox was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. WOOo HOOOOoOOO LOST TONIGHT!!!!!
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Sep. 17th, 2005 @ 03:36 pm lost trailers
feeling: bummed gotta do hw
listening to: i can make a mess like nobody's business

my friends and i walked right through where the trailers were parked for lost..


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Sep. 9th, 2005 @ 08:15 am lost encounter.
feeling: calmcalm
listening to: glory falls
hey hello everyone!

i havent talked to you guys in a looonnnggg time. well Lost is starting up again, YAY!!

well, im usually here for a reason and here it is, i've got an encounter story...

Okay well my friend JOlie and i were in the juice bar (well actually standing outside of it coz it was totally crazy packed) and so we decided to just open the door and we had to keep holding it open so we were like standing on the threshold or whatevers. Then all of a sudden Dom came and helped us hold the door. YAY Dom!
Well the sad thing is i havent seen him for soo long i didnt know what to say without sounding like a weirdo,plus i didnt have feliz with me so it was even stranger. ahh! i know i know all of your guys are mad at me, its okay it was just a warm up round, i just had to get used to the fact that they are actually back, and i'm all better now. Next time for sure, promise! i will speak.
Well after Dom got his drinks (from our worker friend from church) he said,
"I made a cd for you guys!" hands our friend the cd
"Oh really, im soo excited!" our worker friend.

i saw the cd coz we were standing next to him, it said something juice something <3 DOM.
ooh while we were inside, i mentioned it was extremely packed right? well yeah ppl were like omg its dom from lost! and a couple girls took a picture with him.
uhh he was wearing this black shirt and it looked like a shirt from japan (jolie just visited there and she said he saw a bunch of shirts like that there) and blackshoes, and tan-ish shorts, oh and shades of course.

ooohh my friend's brother is an extra in lost!!! He is in somebody's flashback (not sure whos yet) but he's buying cds. So yeah look out for him. He just filmed on tuesday.

(btw,sorry if this entry doesnt make sense. I'll read it later right now i have to get ready for school.)
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Jul. 8th, 2005 @ 05:48 am pictures from my trip so far..
feeling: like i wanna go home...
listening to: the killers/keane (the driving to kailua music)

I've been in South Carolina since June 20th, and theres nothing really to do. So here are some of the pictures I took so far with my cousins and stuff.



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Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 12:41 pm mix pizza with milk, ice-cream, chips, and chicken and what do ya get?? BOREDOM!
feeling: boredbored
listening to: hot hot heat
Hello Everyone,

How are you all?! Well I'm in South Carolina and I am extremely bored. On Saturday i'm leaving for canada, that'll be fun at least. Anyway i really cant wait till i get back home to hawaii. And i really cant wait for the 6th harrypotter book to come out. and for the lost dvd to come out as well.
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Jun. 14th, 2005 @ 03:30 pm encounter story long awaited!!!!!!!!!
feeling: boredbored
listening to: howie day

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Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 11:33 pm hehe encounter...read all about it
feeling: like not going to school!
listening to: spitalfield
hello everyone!! looooonnng time no talk.

anyway getting to the goods.


k my friend brandie and i were bored so we decided to go to the wonderful juice bar (which raised its prices..grr) ne way i decided to ask feliz if she wanted to come since we havent gone there in like 2 months (crazy huh?)

ne way she said yeah so we picked her up and logan. i was driving btw (not really important just thought i'd throw that out there). So i parked we walked out went inside and didnt know what to order. (theres a bunch of new workers...i miss the old ones..*tear*) and so we decided to go with the classic acai smootie. Yummy!

we noticed the store has new stamp cards, so we paided and gave the lady our old card. there was a new card in front of me on the counter and she asked if it was mine and i said no. but she took it anyway and stamped it and gave it back to me.. and i was like wtf lady?!?!?!

then logan said look at the back..and i turn it over and guess whos card it is?! GUESS!!

i think most of u guessed right..dommie!! his wonderful signature on the back..and then all of us were like WTF?!?! we have no idea what just happened, or what to do..coz its not our card and theres a lot of stamps on it already. then..

feliz: that means he was just here
me: i guess so..what the hell?..what do we do?
feliz: (randomly feels the need to look out the door) and hes right outside.
we all look (well i know i did..and sure enough theres dom walking across the parking lot)
i dont know what everyone else did but i started laughing then asked again "what do we do?"

dom walks in past us to get his acai bowl with tons of extra honey
dom: wheres my card? (asking the worker lady)
me: oh i think i have your card
dom: ooh you thieves!!
everyone laughs..hahah
us: no she gave us your card, and we gave you more stamps!
dom: (turned red a little) oh thank you!!
(lady gives me our new card)
dom: so what are you guys doing for easter? is this it?
me: were going to church
dom: oh really. what church?
me and brandie: hope chapel
dom: hope chapel they say in unison. where's that at?
us: (trying to explain, even the worker lady gave some directions..in the end he kinda got the area)
dom: but it IS in kaneohe right?
us: yeah
dom: so what time does mass start?
brandie: 7
feliz: so what are you doing for easter?
dom: just this..(licking his spoon full of honey) i went surfing this morning, wasnt that great
us: cool
dom: yeah it was pretty windy by diamond head
worker lady: yeah! (hey shut up..hes not talking to you)
everyone was done paying and getting there food/drinks soo time for goodbye
us: nice seeing you again! see ya around!
dom: alright...happe easter! have a good one!
we walk out. and then get in the car and pull outta the parking lot onto the road and we end up driving right next to dom. then i switch lanes coz i have to, and we end up right behind him.

dom's attire: black surf shorts, gray sweater, and i think gray shoes
our attire: very hobo--the funny thing is brandie asked me "what are you going to wear?" and i said "oh i'm just gonna wear what i wore to sleep"..then i laughed and said "what if dom or evey went to the juice bar too and saw us in our hobo clothes.."

the end--coulda got left out some stuff and coulda got stuff a little off and i probably spelt things wrong too...but oh well.sorry

we miss you guys!

oh yeah and about the other encounter..umm that will be up soon. sorry
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Mar. 15th, 2005 @ 03:43 pm argh!
feeling: annoyedannoyed
listening to: MCR - thank you for the venom
bad news guys. our pics came in today and the picture didnt come out. it was the first picture taken on my camera and it didnt develop. BUT..luckily my other teacher got a pic with her camera so we just gotta wait for her to develop hers..anyway about the encounter im gonna ask feliz if i can just post it already. i would post it now, but the encounter is saved on her comp.
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Mar. 9th, 2005 @ 12:13 am waiting forever
feeling: bitchybitchy
listening to: helena - MCR
feliz and i have an encounter ready and waiting for all to read BUT we dont wanna post till we get the pic back and its taking FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Feb. 1st, 2005 @ 08:54 pm evey/josh sighting
feeling: whatcha think---golden!
listening to: chronic future- shell shocked
omg..i cant believe i saw evey, again. she was driving again towards a house i wont mention and she had those awesome shades on, but her hair was down this time..dun dun dun!

then we went to the juice bar and we saw josh standing on the sidewalk kinda just waiting and looking confused. then he walked halfway to a car then stopped, stared at us, turned around and walked back to his original spot and stared at us again..then he looked around and went inside a store..and thats it. he was wearing a hat, like always and he was really scruffy. we think he was wearing a green shirt and jeans. and since he is tall you would think he'd have big car, but nope a teeny tiny one, silver..no idea what kind. but it was just sold i guess coz he had a FEB 05 thingy instead of a license plate..
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